Wedding collections begin at $4500 and the average couple spends $5500 for complete coverage. 

Every wedding is different, which is why each collection is customizable and can be tailored to you.

For more details on wedding packages and to find out more about a custom package, please contact me.

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Average CBerger Films investment is $4,500-$7,100.



Inquire through the contact form here. Please be thorough, I'd love to get to know about your day and how you two met!
here is where your complementary discovery call comes. this is where we fully tailor your wedding collection to fit your videography needs.  otherwise, we can set everything up through the email process or your preferred contact method.
I will send you a proposal based on what we had discussed for your customized wedding collection. 
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01. Do we have to hop on a phone call to book? 

It is not required to set up your complementary call, however, I highly recommend it for a more comprehensive discussion of your wedding details, vision, and videography needs. A FaceTime or Zoom call is usually more efficient than exchanging numerous emails and streamlines the booking process. 

02. What is personal audio? Why do we need it? 

Personal audio includes any audio recorded from speeches, letters, private vows, and/or the ceremony.  All audio equipment is extremely high quality to ensure you are able to watch (and hear) your wedding film as if it is a movie itself. I will take the most powerful pieces of audio from the day and edit them in a way that portrays your love story. Note that not all of the audio captured throughout the day will make the film.

So why do I strongly encourage personal audio? The deep impact of hearing a loved one's voice is truly irreplaceable. Envision the emotional journey of uncovering your great-great grandparent's wedding film today, allowing their voices to echo through time, creating a sentimental connection that transcends generations.

03.  How do you mic people up?

For First Looks / Letters / Personal Vows:
Brides - 
 Think of having another garter on underneath your dress. I will attach my lightweight and white-colored recorder to the leg strap and then run the microphone up your dress (this usually takes 1-2 minutes max and will occur when you are about to put your dress on). No matter what fit the dress is; tight, flow-y, strapless, etc. the wire will not be shown. 95% of my brides are mic'd up and 100% of them have had no comfortability issues. They even forgot it was there!
Grooms - A separate recorder will slide into your inner jacket pocket and I will clip it on your lapel or where it hides best. 

For Speeches and Ceremony: 
Ceremony - 
I customarily provide microphone coverage for the officiant, bride, and groom. In advance of the ceremony, I will work with your DJ to establish a seamless audio connection. I integrate a dedicated recorder into the DJ's system, ensuring that the recorded audio precisely mirrors the sound projected through the speakers. This meticulous approach guarantees a professional and flawlessly captured audio experience for your special event.
Reception/Rehearsal Dinner Speeches - 
Similar to the procedural setup of the ceremony, I will connect the recorder to the DJ's system. Instead of individually mic'ing all the speakers, I will have a backup recorder directly on the microphone. This ensures the recording of high-quality audio, even in the event of intermittent microphone disruptions.

04.  What is an Adventure Session? 

Think of this as a fun shoot that is incorporated into your final wedding film. This service is typically a separate day from your wedding that allows me to capture your favorite spots or new fun adventures! Whether it's a day before your wedding in Cabo or you two kicking back in your backyard grilling -- this is a perfect way to showcase your personalities and add personal depth into your film. Here is an example of when I filmed a wedding in Moab, Utah. The couple had experiences captured such as off-roading, food-trucks, and hiking as their 'Adventure Session'. 

05. What is a Toast Edit? 

The Toast Edit is a separate video from the wedding film. In your wedding film, I will include the parts of speeches, but because of time, there are always some moments that aren't included. This video will include every speech from the reception and rehearsal dinner (if applicable) from start to finish. You will also get to see your live reaction to the speeches. (Think of FaceTime, a video of you and your spouse would be in a little box in the corner.)  See example here.

06. How will you record the ceremony? 

I prioritize a non-intrusive approach when recording ceremonies, seamlessly blending into the background to capture genuine moments without disrupting the natural flow of the event.

In terms of camera work, I typically use 2-3 separate camera angles (1 on bride, 1 on Groom, and one-free hand) to ensure no moment is missed. Having a camera off a tripod for me is essential, that way I am able to capture reactions and moments on the fly. Here are examples of the 3 camera angles.

07. What is a Full Ceremony film? 

The Full Ceremony Film is a completely separate video from the wedding itself. I will include the most telling moments of the ceremony, in order to best tell your story. The Full Ceremony Film will include every clip taken at your ceremony. This consists of the bridal party walking down the aisle, nonstop recording of your vows, reactions of guests, and walking down the aisle as a married couple! This is perfect for those who want to remember every little detail from their ceremony.  Example shown here. 

Courtney was such a kind and easy person to work with and she made sure to ask us what our vision/wants were for our wedding video. We loved getting a trailer for our video and greatly appreciated her open communication throughout the entire process of booking, planning meetings, and updates on when to expect the full video. Courtney delivered a final product that went above and beyond our expectations.

- Leah, bride


"Every time we watch our wedding video it brings tears to our eyes and floods us with all of the love and laughter we felt on our big day."

- Hanna, bride

To know Courtney and her team is to love them. They executed everything seamlessly on the day of our wedding. Courtney constantly made us feel at ease. She worked wonderfully with our planner to ensure that all the best moments were caught, and she had a sneak peak film back in record time. All correspondance was super quick and helpful.

"She truly made the memories of that day come to life again for us and our families. I would recommend her to anyone."


- Brooke and Trent, 2023 Couple — Utah

" Her editing skills are so incredible, she creates magic! If I could give more than 5 stars, I would!"